6 Simple Checks for Meeting Success

6 Simple Checks for Meeting Success

Your conference or meeting is booked. You’ve done the hard work of agreeing the agenda, organising the speakers and looking after all the little details. But sometimes, even the obvious things get forgotten and your meeting participants suffer, making you look bad.

Orangeworks doesn’t book meeting rooms for you, but over the years we’ve learned a few things that are worth thinking about to make your event a success. We’re here to help with the right choice for you and your event.Remember these 6 simple reminders for a better meeting experience:

  1. Natural daylight helps with the atmosphere and energy levels.
  2. Wi-Fi is a basic must-have: check in advance that it’s working, is able for the number of users you have, and that passwords are shared.
  3. Tea and coffee for your delegates.
  4. Room requirements: a room size and layout that works for you.
  5. AV requirements: make sure everything’s set up and ready to go.
  6. Site visit: take some time to visit the venue before your event.

Your team will be more ready than ever to engage and unite once put in the right environment.

Got the basics sorted? We can help you to go beyond expectations and deliver a memorable experience that will be a talking point forever. Get in touch to explore some ideas.