The Big Picture: Under the Spotlight

The Big Picture: Under the Spotlight

You know that the greatest teams are those that come together through the sharing of common goals to create a masterpiece.

Engage your team in learning how collaboration, networking and a combined focus can lead to outstanding results with the Big Picture. 

Solve problems and generate new ideas by developing your team’s creative competence and confidence.


How it works

Delegates are initially divided into small groups, each responsible for painting a canvas of The Big Picture. Having no idea what the final image will be, teams must work together to ensure that all lines meet and colours match.

This is a truly collaborative experience. Teams must adopt a ‘big picture’ approach to ensure that the final result is a success.

We work with you prior to your event to create a completely bespoke piece of art that fits your team. The image can be a representation of a company’s brand, conference theme, products, values, goals or even a recreation of a famous work of art.

Key Business Benefits

The Big Picture helps to develop individuals networking skills as well as communication skills. This is a strong collaborative event with a creative twist and a bespoke take-home piece. Teams show strategic thinking and planning throughout the whole experience, from start to finish.

The bespoke masterpiece created by your team serves both as a review tool and a reminder of learning from the activity. Big Picture is also a take-home piece that can be hung in your office as a reminder of your team’s collaborative work.

Orangeworks offer a range of Creative Team Challenges that unleash your team’s creative side with fun, hands-on activities.

To get started on creating your team’s Big Picture experience, get in touch and tell us what you need. We’ll create the experience and you be the hero.