Top 3 Tips For The Interviewer

It can be a regular occurrence that we forget about the interviewer’s experience during an interview. We tend to think about the interviewee and how they might be nervous or anxious. The internet shares a plethora of tips and tricks on how to successfully nail an interview but tends to neglect how the interviewer gets on.

Today we are moving to the other side of the desk and are sharing with you our Top 3 Tips for the Interviewer. 

If you are new in a manager or recruiter role and not very experienced in interviewing you might be asking yourself: How do I conduct a successful interview? What do I ask the interviewee? Well, here are our top 3 tips.  


Tip 1: Understand exactly what you need from the new employee 

This is particularly valuable to the HR team or recruiters who won’t be working directly with the new employee. Ensure you understand exactly what is needed from the potential new recruit. 

Identify what the need for this new employee is and determine how to measure success in the position. Liaise with current members of the team and management to find out what is required of the new employee. Find out any specific skills, strengths or qualities the interviewee may have that will satisfy business needs and benefit the company.  Note any personality traits or qualities the interviewee has that will mesh well with your company culture.


Tip 2: Do your homework

Whatever you do, don’t conduct an interview having not read the interviewees CV. You are setting yourself and the job position up for failure if you do this. Take time to read the interviewee’s CV, try to understand what type of employee they are. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself questions related to previous jobs – What did I learn from that job? Why did I leave this job? What did I bring to the company? Take the time to look them up on social media channels, to get a better insight into who they are outside of a job title. 


Tip 3: Make the interview a conversation 

Try to make the interview feel more like a conversation rather than an interrogation. Although it is common to look for specific information and answers, the conversation should still flow and consist of a combination of questions and answers from both parties.

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The more you know about the interviewee, the more in-depth you can go with the questions. Don’t rush through a list of questions and listen carefully to their answers. Reiterate what they have said and use it to move on to another topic of conversation. This will show the interviewee that you are actively listening and engaged and will make them feel more at ease. 

If you are unsure about how to conduct an interview or what to ask the interviewee, remember our top 3 tips. They are sure to help you find the perfect candidate for the job. 


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