Keeping Employee Morale High During COVID-19

Keeping Employee Morale High During COVID-19


As a result of the current pandemic, with government requests for social distancing and a high increase in remote working, it is expected that employee morale may decline. Many employees face new challenges that come with working from home, schools and creches being closed, a change in normal work-life routines and the general uncertainty of what is to come. 

It is important that employers recognise their employees may be struggling and should look to implementing systems that will help boost employee morale and wellbeing. 

We have listed some tips below that will help employers keep employee morale high during this unprecedented time.

1. Keep Everyone Informed

When you are not in the office, it is easy to feel detached from the rest of your team. Keeping regular contact via phone, email, or video keeps employees up to date on what is happening in the business. At Orangeworks, we have morning and afternoon Zoom meetings where we discuss our To-Do Lists and help each other out if we are running into difficulties. Allow employees to reconnect by dedicating a few minutes for social conversation at the start of each meeting.

2. Promote Work-Life Balance

With schools and creche facilities closed, parents have no choice but to provide their own childcare. As employers, you should acknowledge that your employees may find it difficult to settle into remote working by being distracted with additional home responsibilities. Encourage employees to establish a new working routine that works for them. Perhaps that means starting earlier in the mornings or working later into the evenings. Be emphatic, flexible, understanding and encourage regular short breaks to help with productivity and morale. 

3. Ask For Feedback

Open communication helps employees know that their thoughts and opinions are valued. If issues arise, address them promptly. Ask your employees what is working and what is not working? Have a brainstorming session to come up with new ways of working together. Asking for feedback helps to maintain employee morale and shows that the business cares. 

4. Recognition 

It may be challenging to stay focused on work when feeling anxious about what could happen. However, one thing sure to get you through is taking comfort in knowing the work you do is still there, needs to be addressed, and is still very important. As an employer, recognising someones hard work and dedication is a great boost for morale. Never miss an opportunity to recognise that your employees have done a good job. This is more important now than ever with remote teams and it can give employees a much-needed boost. 

5. Make Sure It’s Not “All Work No Play”

In the office, you might have a break room or even a ping pong table where people can chat, take a break and destress. But when working remotely, it can be easy to miss the element of ‘fun’ at work. Introduce virtual and online team activities that your employees can take part in during lunch breaks or on a Friday afternoon to round off the week.

We offer a full range of online activities that are fun, creative and innovative. We are offering FREE DEMONSTRATIONS for all of our remote team activities, giving you the chance to test out what will work best for you and your team. Contact us via the button below or email us at to book!