A Guide To Hosting The Best Kick-Off Meetings

Starting the New Year with a kick-off meeting or event is a great way to highlight your companies successes from 2019. You get the chance to celebrate together, show your appreciation for your staff and get everyone focused on new goals for the year ahead.

Kick-off meetings have numerous benefits emphasising why they are absolutely necessary:

1. They help to establish a positive atmosphere for the year to come

2. They are an opportunity for your team to learn about new company, department or team goals

3. They allow managers to demonstrate and show off their leadership skills

4. They set expectations for employee roles & responsibilities

5. They give new team members a chance to get to know one another


A Corporate Wishlist For The Perfect Kick-Off Event


If you have been given the task of planning the all-important kick-off meeting for 2020, check out our corporate wishlist and top tips on how you can deliver a successful event while getting your people excited and ready for 2020. 



Choose your event location carefully. The first question from your employees will be “where is the event being held?”. If feasible, choose an offsite location as the change of scenery is a great way to introduce new beginnings. However, ensure that it is easy for attendees to get to. If your employees take public transport to work, don’t choose an event space that is difficult for them to get to or home from. 


Event Space 

Does the event space fit the type of event you are hosting? Does it have adequate furniture, tables, enough toilet facilities etc? These are all valid questions you need to ask yourself when booking an event space. Ensure that you think about the weather when booking. Avoid planning an outdoor event in the depths of winter. However, a breakout area with outside access may be a good idea as a breath of fresh air can really make a difference in an all-day event. Check out our blog on booking an event space for more tips on what’s important. 



If you want your kick-off meeting to be a success – take food seriously. Food is always the highlight of any occasion and there is a good chance it will get the most feedback and comments. Ensure you have break-out sessions with different snacks and refreshments to keep everyone going throughout the day. Don’t neglect the veggies, vegans and gluten-frees and any other dietary requirements your employees may have. Ensure their options are just as tasty or you will never hear the end of it!



Sadly, the best and most fun events do not happen out of spontaneity, they are researched and planned very meticulously. Team building activities are a great way to bring new ideas to life and get everyone working collaboratively. Why not try a light-hearted tablet-based challenge like Quickfire? Or an escape room style game such as Beat the Box? Ensure that you have scheduled enough time for your employees to relax and enjoy the activities – there is nothing worse than rushing through an activity.


Orangeworks can help you plan a fun team activity for your corporate kick-off meeting or event. We have a full range of hands on activities or why not check out our icebreakers and energisers? Perfect to kick-off the new year. Contact us via the button below for more information!