Orangeworks Launches Virtual Christmas Experiences

Orangeworks Launches Virtual Christmas Experiences

Your Staff Christmas Party isn’t cancelled just yet… Orangeworks has launched a portfolio of virtual Christmas team building activities and online games for remote teams. Check them out below.


A convoluted Christmas mystery in which teams must work together to figure out who kidnapped Santa! In this murder mystery style event, delegates meet and interact with a crooning reindeer, overworked Elves and an angry Scrooge.  This Christmas themed show can be delivered through any video conferencing platform and is the perfect edition to your virtual staff Christmas party!


Recreate your favourite Christmas movie moments in this high energy virtual team building activity! Teams are given a variety of famous Christmas movie scenes or photographs that they will recreate using only the props available to them in their homes. Creativity and out of the box thinking wins double the points in this festive game.CHRISTMAS LIP SYNC SING-A-LONG

Get in the festive spirit while rocking out to your favourite Christmas anthems! This lip-syncing game for remote employees is sure to bring high energy and laughs to your virtual Christmas party. Each team is given a Christmas anthem to record. They must create a music video combining lip syncing and audio dubbing. Our team will put the videos together just in time for you to showcase them at your virtual corporate Christmas party.RACE AROUND THE WORLD – FESTIVE EDITION 

Join us for a virtual treasure hunt with a Christmas twist! In this festive adaptation of Race Around The World, teams must complete location-based puzzles and challenges as they race through the night helping Santa and his reindeers deliver presents. Guided by our Go Team App, teams earn points in the form of carrots to help the reindeers fly. This high energy, interactive challenge is the perfect activity to add to your remote staff Christmas party this year.CHRISTMAS BLOCKBUSTERS ON LOCATION

Work together and harvest your creative energies to make a Christmas movie trailer like no other. This virtual team building activity invites delegates to create their very own show-stopping Christmas movie trailer and translates your company’s business message and values into a trailer you will enjoy! Once your movie trailer is recorded, our editors will turn it into an Oscar-winning movie trailer that you can screen during your virtual company Christmas party.Chat with us via the button below to learn more about our corporate Christmas party entertainment and games. Despite geographical limitations, we can help your team build closer workplace relationships this Christmas.