Virtual Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Tired of Zoom quizzes and baking challenges?


Check out Orangeworks Top 4 Virtual Team Building Activities that we know your team will LOVE. 

1. Escape The Mob Online

A highly engaging and interactive treasure trail challenge that transports teams back to the roaring ’20s! Grab your flapper dresses and mobster suits for a virtual team building activity in which your team have to solve a mysterious diamond heist!

2. Race Around the World

If you are looking for virtual team games for work Race Around the World is the one for you! A unique team building activity that invites your team to travel around the globe – virtually! Equipped with our highly intuitive Go Team App, teams work their way through a series of local, national and international challenges while visiting iconic landmarks.


3. Digital Global Innovation Game 

Work together as a team to generate brilliant new ideas in a creative remote environment! Players are dealt a unique set of ‘Object’, ‘Tech’ and ‘Data’ cards in which they must use to come up with a new innovative idea and pitch it to a Dragons Den style judging panel. A virtual team building activity that inspires creativity and encourages players to put their thinking caps on – it also has its own website. Check it out here.

4. Picture Perfect

A high energy remote team building activity in which players race to recreate a variety of famous photographs. The catch is – They can only use costumes and props they have available to them in their own homes so creativity is KEY. The end results are often hilarious if not, in fact, Picture Perfect!Chat with us via the button below to learn more about any of our virtual team building activities. We also offer a full range of remote team icebreakers and online games for team building.