Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace

Join us in celebrating World Earth Day with The Green Game


World Earth Day, celebrated every year on the 22nd of April, serves as a gentle reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and preserve the planet, It is a day of reflection, action, and commitment to sustainable practices aimed at safeguarding Earth’s resources and diverse ecosystems.

Going green in the office isn’t as difficult — or costly — as you might think. Your efforts towards protecting and preserving the planet don’t have to be fancy or heavily invested Check out our simple actions below that Orangeworks have implemented in our efforts to make a difference to our environment.

  1. Orangeworks has implemented measures to reduce paper consumption and printing materials. Rather than printing materials for meetings, we use Google Share Drive or Screenshare for meeting notes.
  2. Our Warehouse team make a conscious effort to continuously reuse boxes in which event materials have been delivered. 
  3. In the staff kitchen, designated bins for compost, recycling, and general waste are available. While it can be easy to place items in the incorrect bin, we have added some signage around the kitchen to remind staff members to correctly dispose of their waste.

The Green Game 🌱🌍

Did you know that there has been a 60% decline in small bird populations over the last 10 years? Team building activities like The Green Game allow your company to advocate towards sustaining their communities while creating an environment for them to thrive in.

The Aim of the Game: Delegates work together to complete ‘eco-challenges’ using our iPads. For each challenge complete, they receive sustainable materials used to build Bird Boxes, Insect Hotels and Bat Boxes. All of which are then donated to local communities, schools and organisations that work towards preserving these small bird and animal populations.

Aside from being a fun team bonding experience, The Green Game is a collective impact – it’s a way to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire action through small, meaningful steps 🌳

Let’s make a difference together 🌍