Activate Culture

Fuelling success through Company Culture.

Does Activate Culture fit your team?

Group Size

6 – 200


1.5 – 2 Hours 

Event Type

In Person




Indoor / Outdoor

What is Activate Culture?

Company culture is the collective personality of a company encompassing a variety of elements including values, beliefs, leadership and communication styles, work environment, reward and recognition and much more.

Orangeworks Activate Culture workshop is designed to assist your employees in understanding your company culture and fostering a positive mindset towards it.

Workshop Outline: 

  1. Icebreaker / Energiser to welcome the group 
  2. Interactive Session on Company culture 
  3. Team Building Activity 
  4. Team Assessment Tool – Reflection & Feedback

Our workshops can have various learning outcomes depending on the objectives and content covered. If you wish to include specific topics or subjects, we can organise that for you. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Cultural Change Management

Implementing Culture Initiatives

Relationship Building

Communication Skills

Employee Engagement