City Build

Work with your teammates to create a replica of a pre-made model of a City.

Does City Build fit your team?

Group Size

20 – Unlimited


2 – 3 Hours

Event Type

In Person





What is City Build?

City Build is a popular office team building activity that gets everyone collaborating and communicating. It is a creative based team challenge that invites participants to design and build their very own model city out of a wide range of everyday, reusable materials.

Everyone is divided into teams and they are given guidelines to ensure that roads and rivers flow coherently with the other teams’ sections. The city must include 5 zones: Industrial, Residential, Shopping/Retail, Recreational and Business.

How can it help your team?

City build encourages communication, project planning, strategy development, team dynamics and above all creativity! Teams are working towards a common vision and a shared strategy whilst applying innovative project management skills. We want to help your team’s creative and innovative skills shine by coming together to create their very own little world. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Communication Skills

Project Planning

Team Dynamics

Sharing A Common Goal

Strategy Development