Corporate Body Building

Show your staff that they’re part of the big picture!

Does Corporate Body Building fit your team?

Group Size

20 – Unlimited


30 – 60 Mins 

Event Type

In Person




Indoor / Outdoor

What is Corporate Body Building?

Corporate Body Building is a unique icebreaker experience that invites participants to create their company name or logo using only their bodies as pixels. As a great sea of humanity arranges itself to create the image, the result is astounding!

The experience starts with each delegate being assigned to a letter or segment of the desired final shape. They must then link with potentially hundreds of others to complete their company name or logo. When everybody is in the correct position, the living logo is ready to be photographed or filmed from above to create an impressive memento of a terrific experience.

How can it help your team?

The value of Corporate Body Building exists primarily in the fun created through the interaction between all the participants and the feeling of being part of something much greater than yourself. This activity works really well as a spectacular icebreaker or memorable team bonding day grand finale, it simply can’t be missed.

Key Learning Outcomes

Breaks The Ice

Encourages Problem Solving

Shared Experience

Develops Brand Awareness

Unifies The Group