CSI: Space Odyssey

A multiplayer out of this world challenge to enjoy with your team during your next virtual team meeting!

Does CSI: Space Odyssey fit your team?

Group Size

8 – 400 


1 – 1.5 Hours

Event Type






What is CSI: Space Odyssey?

Guided by an app, CSI: Space Odyssey invites teams to combine their collective strengths as they are tasked with solving a murder that happened in outer space. They must work through successive game levels to unravel the murder evidence. Each level unlocks 3D animations revealing uncharted sectors of the ship, prompting questions and associated conundrums.

Constant communication is vital as teams work through clues in the form of online dossiers, animated videos and cryptic puzzles. Shared observations help the teams progress to solve the murder mystery. Although there is only one winning team, everyone’s efforts are rewarded as the app gives credits for each correct insight on the crime.

How can it help your team?

CSI: Space Odyssey helps teams explore the new rules of engagement and communication that reflects the demands of remote working. This remote team game creates an opportunity for online connection and socialising which strengthens workplace relationships and builds a pathway for future collaboration. 

In remote working teams, creating opportunities that reinforce positive behaviour is of the utmost importance. Presented in a fun, light-hearted context, CSI: Space Odyssey helps players develop skills that are vital to working as a remote team.

Key Learning Outcomes

Decision Making

Strategic Thinking

Team Engagement

Creative Thinking

Fun & Motivational Experience