Flat Out: Chariot Racing

Bringing Ancient Rome to the 21st century with teams set to build and race their very own Chariots.

Does Flat Out: Chariot Racing fit your team?

Group Size

16 – Unlimited



2 Hours


Event Type

In Person






Indoor / Outdoor


What is Flat Out: Chariot Racing?

A construction themed, collaborative team building activity that requires creativity and strategic planning. Teams will be supplied a model kit with materials and a blueprint to build their full-scale Chariot. The Chariots are styled and decorated by each team to highlight their company messages and values.

The grand finale of the Chariot challenge crescendos in either a fast-paced race to test speed and skill or a gladiator-themed parade which evokes the ambience of the great Circus Maximus.

How can it help your team?

With success hinging on the ability for excellent communication, collaboration and creativity, participants will need to keep their cool against the clock. Project management skills will also come to the forefront as a number of detailed tasks will need to be completed in a carefully coordinated manner. Individuals are rewarded for their innovation and creativity with an energy-packed conclusion to a great corporate event.

Key Learning Outcomes

Promotes Problem Solving

Strategic Planning

Communication Skills

Reinforces Creative Thinking

Fun Team Experience

Time Management