Knowing Me Knowing You

Promoting networking and relationship building in a light-hearted fun experience. 

Does Knowing Me Knowing You fit your team?

Group Size

30 – Unlimited


30 – 45 Mins

Event Type

In Person





What is Knowing Me Knowing You?

Beginning with a warm-up exercise to get participants into teams, individuals are then tasked with gathering as many business and personal commonalties with the other players as they can to win points for their team. 

At set periods individuals return to their teams, tally their scores and receive details of their next goal. Individuals set about again to make connections working the room until the final whistle when points are tallied, and winning teams declared!

How can it help your team?

In The Picture is a powerful and effective conference climax that, in just three minutes, highlights the central role your people play in your company’s success and celebrates their contribution.  It is often said that any organisation’s greatest asset is its people. The unique way in which they work together makes a company what it is and determines how it is perceived by the outside world. Just as your logo represents the company, your people represent your brand values in everything they say and do.

Key Learning Outcomes

Shared Experience


Relationship Building

Unifies The Group