Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

It’s completely safe and seriously competitive while maintaining high levels of FUN! 

Does Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting fit your team?

Group Size

6 – Unlimited



30 – 60 Mins 


Event Type

In Person








What is Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is fun target based activity that can be added to any team building day. The experience is an unrivalled way to entertain clients or reward staff.

Everyone gets involved and up to 5 people can shoot at one time! We take care of everything and all you have to worry about is hitting the clays. A giant scoreboard keeps track of everyone’s scores! This means that you can instantly see how everyone is doing.

We will provide all the professional equipment necessary. Our experienced shooting instructors will be on hand to give tuition, guidance and supervision, ensuring your safety throughout each event.

The Need to Know:

  • Suitable for all ages
  • No noise or jolt (recoil)
  • Environmentally friendly clay pigeon shooting (no broken clays or pellets & wadding)
  • Suitable for any location: Golf clubs, Hotels, Conference Centres, even Car parks!
  • Multiple users can participate at the same time (up to 5 at a time) encouraging a fun event
  • Immediate scoring for all shooters and audiences to view on the electronic scoreboard
  • Five different scoring games available to increase the level of enjoyment and /or competition
  • Luminous clays, charged by the electronic clay launcher, for night shots!
  • Deactivated shotguns eliminate any gun recoil and eliminate sore shoulders for shooters

Key Learning Outcomes

Team Dynamics

Friendly Competition

Shared Experience

Pushing Limits