Murder Mystery Gameshow

Crime scene recreations and organised chaos!

Does Murder Mystery Gameshow fit your team?

Group Size

12 – Unlimited


2 Hours

Event Type

In Person





What is Murder Mystery Gameshow

Orangeworks Murder Mystery Gameshow includes fun brain teasers and murder mystery themed questions and challenges that require communication and strategic thinking among team members.  The Gameshow is interrupted at regular intervals by our team of highly experienced professional comedians, singers and actors, who will create an outstanding experience that you won’t forget.

Your party can be in a boardroom, stately home, favourite restaurant, hotel, or anything in-between. Teams compete in rounds to answer questions as quickly as possible using our iPads. The faster you give the correct answer, the more points you win! After each round our actors will recreate crime scenes, leave clues to help you answer the next round of questions and create chaos and general mayhem, all in the name of fabulously murderous entertainment.   

How can it help your team?

Our Murder Mystery Gameshow is sure to bring the energy to your next team bonding event. Delegates must communicate and work to their individual strengths to answer our Gameshow questions. 

A dose of healthy competition is injected into the game as teams hash it out for points and murder clues. The team with the most points at the end are crowned the winners. 

Key Learning Outcomes


Team Dynamics

High Energy

Memorable Shared Experience