Quickfire Olympics

Olympic themed game of mental, physical and creative team bonding challenges.

Does Quickfire Olympics fit your team?

Group Size

12 – Unlimited



1 – 2 Hours


Event Type

In Person






Indoor / Outdoor 

What is Quickfire Olympics?

Quickfire Olympics offers a dynamic and engaging team bonding experience that combines strategic thinking, teamwork, and individual strengths. Armed with a tablet and box of equipment, athletes must conquer a variety of mental, creative, and physical challenges within a given time frame. The challenges come in diverse forms such as photo, video, single-answer, multiple-choice, logic puzzles, and more.

Teams must carefully select challenges that align with their strengths while being mindful of the potential risks involved. The winning team is crowned on the podium with Olympic medals, symbolising their triumph over the challenges and their ability to work together effectively.

How can it help your team?

This engaging experience is designed to cater to individual differences and offers challenges that play to your team’s unique strengths. What’s even better is that there are varying levels of risk and reward, so you can push yourselves as much or as little as you want!

The Quickfire App can be fully customised to align with your brand and values. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Communication Skills

Risk & Reward Strategising

Time Management

Strategic Planning

Problem Solving

Shared Experience