Red Alert

A team building activity that requires creative thinking and teamwork to stop a virus. 

Does Red Alert fit your team?

Group Size

12 – Unlimited


1.5 Hours

Event Type

In Person




Indoor / Outdoor

What is Red Alert?

This team building game starts with teams watching a sinister video from a masked representative of the Red Alert Team. They are told that their computer systems have been hacked and they must solve a series of puzzles in 60 minutes to quarantine a virus and stop it from spreading.

Time starts, each team is given a crate with six draws and six puzzles in which they must solve in order to stop the virus, obtaining a specific digit of code at the end. After a team completes their puzzles, they realise they must help other teams to complete the puzzles in their crate. Once complete, teams take the codes they have obtained from each crate to the central Red Alert sphere. They enter the code into the sphere, stop the countdown and quarantine the virus.

How can it help your team?

Delegates learn that there is a huge difference between looking and seeing. Teams gradually develop the ability to see a problem from more than one angle and apply innovative thinking to solve it. In the closing moments of the team building game, teams break from the silo mentality of completing their own puzzles as they collaborate to assist other teams for the benefit of the whole group.

Key Learning Outcomes

Collaborative Problem Solving

Decision Making

Team Dynamics

High Energy

Creative Thinking