Escape the Mob Online

A true test of your virtual team’s collaborative abilities!

Does Escape the Mob fit your team?

Group Size

8 – 400 


1 – 1.5 Hours

Event Type






What is Escape the Mob Online?

Escape the Mob is an interactive treasure trail challenge played using our Go Team App. The challenge begins with a mysterious video telling teams that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and have been incriminated in a diamond heist.

Teams have a limited amount of time to prove their innocence by determining the exact time and locations they visited on the night of the robbery.

After an initial briefing from our online facilitator, the go team app leads teams through a series of challenges; a variety of photos, videos, cryptic questions and riddles, which will give them clues to determine who stole the diamonds.

Challenges draw on escape room style quests including ciphers, symbol swapping alpha puzzles, searching for objects in images, riddles, pattern identification, mysterious sounds and more! Teams gain points for correct answers which also helps them to build their alibi and solve the robbery. The winners are the team with the most points but there is also shared jubilation as the teams must ultimately collaborate to clear their name.


How can it help your team?

Escape the Mob is a totally inclusive and highly engaging virtual team bonding game. With a limited amount of time, a competitive theme and a variety of challenges including photo, video, cryptic questions, cyphers, pattern identification, mysterious sounds and theatrical performances, each individual’s strengths, skills and creativity come into play.

Collaboration is the key to success in the final moments of the game as teams work together to find the stolen jewels and Escape the Mob!

Key Learning Outcomes

Thinking Outside the Box

Strategic Thinking

Team Dynamics

Recognising Individual Strengths

Collaborative Problem Solving