Situation Room

Working against the clock, teams are challenged to balance accuracy with speed as they assess real-time information and challenges. 

Does Situation Room fit your team?

Group Size

6 – Unlimited


1 – 1.5 Hours

Event Type

In Person





What is Situation Room?

The Situation Room is a high energy team building activity that requires using your problem-solving and decision making skills. A series of video briefs set the tone of the challenge as they are shown at specific times throughout the game. This is to emulate “real-time” status updates. There is a countdown timer which sets the pace of the game and keeps the delegates waiting for the next update.

Delegates are given a briefcase with locked compartments named: ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA. When a compartment is opened, delegates receive new challenges and information which they must figure out and submit to “Special Ops” for them to act upon. A secure gadget (tablet and Situation Room App) provides a link to “Special Ops” for the delegates to present their discoveries.

How can it help your team?

Delegates are tested to think creatively and strategically. They are challenged to apply agile ways of working as they must figure out ways to link the right people with the right information at the right time. 

 Delegates are introduced to the importance of cross-functional communication and the impact it has on situational leadership and the ability to perform well under pressure. 

Key Learning Outcomes

Cross Functional Communication

Promotes Strategic Thinking

Time Management

Experiential Learning

Problem Solving