Xtreme Forest Adventure

Be prepared to be pushed to the max with this multi-activity, forest adventure day.

Does XFA fit your team?

Group Size

8 – Unlimited



2 Hours


Event Type

In Person








What is XFA?

XFA is an outdoor team building activity which involves delegates working together to navigate their way through a forest. Equipped with a map of the forest and briefed on the tasks they need to complete, teams are typically made up of 6-8 people. Team leaders must navigate the group to specific challenge zones.

As a team, delegates will complete puzzle games, a combination of cerebral and physical challenges. They must complete the challenges and get to the next stop quickly. Everyone has to stay on point and contribute in their own special way to help the team maximise points collected. The team with the most points are crowned the winners.


How can it help your team?

Xtreme Forest Adventure combines physical and cerebral challenges in a well-rounded, fun format. There is something for everyone. Speed, leadership, role specialisation and communication are vital. 

Additional information: This is an outdoor activity and participants are open to the elements so please bring rain gear.

Key Learning Outcomes

Uniting Teams

High Energy

Communication Skills

Shared Experience