How to Create a Strong Company Culture

How to Create a Strong Company Culture


Often a popular topic in the corporate world, company culture is a critically important yet often misunderstood subject for both employers and employees. Your culture is an asset used to increase the performance of your organisation.

It’s important for your people to be able to describe your culture in a few short words. It should be simple, but many struggle to nail down what exactly is company culture…

What Makes a Great Company Culture?

  1. Purpose – Every successful company has a mission statement; who they are, what they do and why. This sets the tone for all employees to follow by when working for your organisation.
  2. Principles – A company’s principles are at the core of its culture. These are all of the things that they company cares most about and what they vow to stand for. Employees within organisations with great company culture will be able to tell you what their company values most. A company’s principles are often demonstrated rather than just stated.
  3. Practices – A company’s principles are often shown through the practices they carry out each day. Whatever an organization’s principles, they must be reinforced in review criteria and promotion policies and baked into the operating principles of daily life in the firm.
  4. People – You cannot build a strong culture without having your people believe in it first. Your people are your most valued asset, if they don’t believe in your culture then nobody else will either. It is important that your people fit with your culture.

For some, culture is considered the “glue” that holds an organization together and for others, the “compass” that provides directions. Every organisation has its own culture, although, it doesn’t always mean it is a positive one. Having a strong company culture is necessary in business today. Consumers are attracted to an organisation that has a strong mission, core principles that are meaningful and values their employees.

A strong culture leads to a strong performing business; it motivates employees to perform, promotes collaboration and innovation and makes an organisation a great place to work. It is often difficult for an organisation to articulate, but its impact is far reaching and  influences every aspect of a business.

At Orangeworks, we create experiences that work alongside your company culture to compliment your purpose, principles, practices and people. Get in touch with us to discuss some options. Tell us what you need, we create the experience and you be the hero.