Why Ignoring 4×4 Training Will Cost You Time and Sales

Whatever business you are in, recent events have shown that our weather is changing. Once in a lifetime weather now seems to be every other year.

Unfortunately, even the most experienced off-road drivers can find themselves in hazardous and potentially dangerous situations.

You need to respond and evolve. You need everyone on the same page, and to pull in the same direction. You also know that when you don’t plan, at best it impacts your operational ability, or worst of all you are not operational.

Orangeworks has over 20 years’ experience in 4×4 Training, 4×4 Automotive Launches and in operating in difficult conditions.

The demand for employees to be properly trained and certificated, so as to comply with Health & Safety regulations, means there is a genuine requirement for specialist off-road instruction.

We are the trusted partner of major media companies, pharmaceutical companies, airline carriers, and companies with data centres.

Used correctly, off-road vehicles (or 4×4’s) are versatile with a wide variety of uses. With trailers, they are even more flexible and become effective tools for both business and recreation.

Get in touch with our team, to discuss contingency plans to ensure there won’t be any future obstacles for you and your team.