Rocket role-play and decision making under pressure.

Flashmaster is not just any normal team building game. Part problem-solving challenge, part role-play task – it requires a mix of imagination, creativity, innovation, engineering and team working abilities to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

Your team becomes a group of astronauts who are the first to ever reach mars upon landing you are in dire need of help but no one is around.

You realise your space shuttle is severely damaged and you must work quickly to repair your shuttle giving it enough power to get back to the space station hovering in the deep darkness of space.

Working with real rocket motor engines – teams have to get out of their space helmets and into hard hats and lab coats to make sure that the shuttle can reach its destination. This requires immense precision and skill as the team of to be careful not to cause any damage to the space station and make a safe landing by docking the shuttle.

With oxygen running low the pressure is on from the very beginning and teams must be conscious of time management, budgeting, risk management and communication every step of the way.

This exercise requires teams to quickly assess the individual strengths of its members to work with limited resources and come up with a workable solution to get them home safely. Flash master is a heart pounding time limited outdoor team building event of imagination and co-operation.

When they return safely to Earth, they will be ready to face any challenge.