Keeping Post Event Engagement Alive

So your team building event is over and what a success it was. The majority of the event planning process comes before and during the actual event. But to keep the hype going once your event is over, it is important to have a post-engagement plan in place. 

Research has shown that an astonishing 91% of event organisers find post-event engagement difficult. How can you ensure your business doesn’t fall into that percentage? Arm yourself with a post-event engagement plan including some of our tips below: 

1. Post key takeaways on a blog or newsletter 

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, consider posting key takeaways or learning outcomes on a blog or internal newsletter. This could be something short and sweet like “X Things We Learned At Our Team Building Event”. By providing this content, you are keeping the conversation going and showcasing the value of your event. 

2. Send a personalized thank you message

Your attendees took time out of their busy schedules to come to your event. It’s nice to recognise their attendance with a personalised message or email thanking them for coming. This is also a great excuse to connect with them again. 

Sending a simple thank you email post-event doesn’t take too much time and effort – you’ll be surprised how far this small gesture goes. 

Top Tip: Include some photos from the day or ask if they would like the photos. This will initiate further conversation. 

3. Conduct a post- event survey

Asking attendees to fill out a post-event survey is another great way to increase your post-event engagement. Ask them; What worked? What didn’t work? What their favourite part was? Did they like the food? etc.. This will provide you with noteworthy feedback for your next event. 

Avoid a very long survey. Include only the things you are most concerned about or interested in hearing. Multiple choice questions are easy for people to answer. 

If you are using social media platforms to send out your survey, post it to each platform according to when people are most active and engaged on that specific platform. That way you maximize your chances for thorough responses.

Use a likert scale where possible as these answer types are quick and easy to complete. They can be sent via all modes of communication including text message and your respondents won’t have to formulate answers but can focus on the content. 

4. Create a post-event page 

Let your attendees relive the day at their own convenience. Set up a post-event page on a social media channel that all of your guestlist use. Include those who couldn’t make the event – so they can see what they missed out on! They will be sure to attend the next one. 

Include highlights or information on the following:

  • Speakers
  • Photos
  • Video Clips
  • Music Playlist
  • A gallery of tweets from the event hashtag
  • Presentation Slides
  • Key takeaways
  • The food & drinks
  • Award winners

Post-Event Engagement is just as important as pre-event engagement, so don’t neglect it. If you want to chat to one of our sales representatives about post event ideas, team building activities or even team meeting energisers and icebreakers, get in touch via the button below. We are here to help you create a memorable experience for your people.