3 Event Trends Millennials Expect Today – And You Can’t Afford To Ignore

It’s no secret that Millennials are completely different to any generation that has come before them.  But with expectations greater than with any previous generation too, they are tougher to satisfy too, creating a very real quandary when organizing events focused on them.

Millennials have a high dependency on technology, an attachment to social media, unlimited access to knowledge and a longing for new experiences, so if you can’t expand their horizons, then you’ve failed. On the other hand, if you get it right they’re also the most influential.

The secret is to tap into the trends Millennials have set, the standards of expectation by which they judge experiences – and in your case, success and failure.  We’ve learned the 3 event trends this generation expects now and that you can no longer afford to ignore.

Experiences Mean Everything

According to an article published in Forbes, Millennials “want to spend their money being with others”. They are embracing the ‘NOwners’ label as proof they are achieving a more meaningful lifestyle. It’s contrary to the traditional idea that hard workers like to buy nice things, but the world is changing.

Indeed, a survey carried out by Harris, discovered the Millennial generation is now driven by a different value system to those of older generations. It’s rooted in the belief that “living a meaningful, happy life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through experiences that span the spectrum of life’s opportunities.”

The trend has actually been growing momentum since the mid-1980s. In the US, for example, the share of consumer spending on live experiences and events has increased by 70% since 1987. And while most Millennials would have been under 10 when it first began, they have clearly taken the torch and ran with it. Statistics show their consumer spending share is around US$1.3 trillion.

  • Visit any live event and the evidence is clear; the lion’s share of those attending is made up of Millennials. You want to create an unforgettable experience for them, so you need someone to help deliver beyond normal expectations.

Upload and Personal!

It may be a play on the old ‘Up Close & Personal’ cliché, but it’s still true. Millennials love their technology – especially their communication devices! So, being connected at an event is an absolute ‘must’. But they also love the ‘personal touch’.

Surveys show that ‘personalized engagement’ between management and the employee is a popular modern worker engagement strategy but, to Millennials, it’s expected. That makes it even more important to you.

As far as Millennials are concerned, technology is a big part of that personalization. Research from events planning software developers, Eventsforce, show that for 82% of organisations, personalised events were a key priority in 2016. In fact, 97% of the 160 participating senior UK event planners believed personalisation could change a delegate’s perception of the brand or event.

It’s generally believed that Millennials are tech-savvy. The truth is they are more ‘tech-dependent’ than anything else, and expect technology to be at the center of everything they do.  So, incorporating technology that personalises and enhances the event experience has become critical.

  • Some of the smartest ideas are to personalise the experience with event apps, and even personalise attendee communication with artificial intelligence. You could also use RFID (radio-frequency identification) wristbands so those attending have a cashless payment option at the event, and make sharing the experience on social media as easy as possible.

Championing Positive Change

There is no need to remind you how uncertain everyday global events make the world seem, but it leaves Millennials longing for positive change. Unlike previous generations, today’s feel they really can do something about it.

In this year’s Deloitte Millennial Survey, 76% of those participating see business as a force for positive social change. In all, 88% say business is having a positive impact on the wider society in which they operate. But that is not to say that Millennials are completely satisfied, with 74% believing business has not yet realised its full potential.

Millennials want to make a difference, so it’s only logical that events which promote social progress, that invest in improving society and the world around us, will strike a strong chord with them.

  • Many of our Experiences are designed with Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management in mind, allowing you to hit the right note with your clients.

If you find yourself asking what can you offer your Millennial clients, we want to help you provide a memorable experience.  At Orangeworks, we deliver a number of Tech-Based Experiences that focus on real-life situations and are completely customisable for that personalised experience, making you the hero.