Orangeworks Team Development Showcase

Orangeworks Team Development Showcase took place last week, 23rd May 2018, in the Clayton Hotel Burlington Road, Dublin. This event was completely free to attend, and we can say we’ll definitely be hosting more showcases later on this year.

On the day we ran our newly developed team experience; Global Innovation Game.

This introductory session was to give our clients an opportunity to experience a sample of exciting and fun team building activities we offer. It also helped clients get to see our lead Team Development specialists demonstrate how our activities can support and contribute to greater development in team(s).

We noticed that not many people were aware that we offer professionally facilitated team development solutions for teams. We wanted to change that.In addition to teams taking part in an Orangeworks activity, our experienced Team Development trainers and facilitators enriched the experience by;

  • Facilitating short discussions
  • Helped teams to observe how they were working
  • Identify what perceptions were at play
  • Recognise insights and learnings
  • Assist in ascertaining the key takeaways and real-life workplace applications.

Orangeworks Facilitated Experiences

To further develop teams and address particular team skills, Orangeworks team development specialists offer a range of psychometric instruments that assist individuals and teams in understanding each other better, ultimately improving team performance.

Whether your team is struggling or is already on the path to greatness, it needs to continually evolve. Workshops and seminars promise to improve performance, but they may not have the impact you are looking for.

Our Team Development solutions are expertly designed to help your people form stronger relationships, work more effectively, and achieve more – together. Get in touch to explore some ideas.