Orangeworks continues growth strategy with Acquisition of Thrive



Driving a unique all-encompassing approach to team building


Orangeworks, creators of exceptional experiences and Ireland’s largest outdoor adventure and team building company, today announces that it has acquired thrive, the thought leaders in team development and experts in MBTI. This new acquisition boosts Orangeworks strategic plan to grow their experiential team development programmes to offer an all-encompassing unique approach to the teambuilding and team development industry.

The takeover of thrive re-confirms Orangeworks’ position as the number one team building company in Europe and will further enhance Orangeworks market-leading experiences and products specifically across the technology, semi-state, manufacturing, banking, pharma and hospitality sectors. As part of the acquisition, thrive will re-locate to Orangeworks head office in Swords, Co. Dublin, increasing the Orangeworks team to 20 employees and is expected to grow the brand’s sales revenue by an estimated €1M over the next three years.David Bassett, Founder & Managing Director at Orangeworks says it is a natural fit for the growth of the Orangeworks brand:

“Over the last 24 years, Damian and his team at thrive have grown a fantastic business centred on enabling individuals, teams and organisations to improve their performance in a proven, practical and sustainable way.  The insight, experience and knowledge that thrive will bring to Orangeworks is of great value and is a natural fit for our clients and for the growth of our product offering suite.”

This new combined expertise and product offering will allow Orangeworks to take on larger team development opportunities in the marketplace, by offering a full 360 suite of team building experiences and products, including access to MBTI, cutting edge models, research and methodologies and the ability to offer mentoring and coaching sessions, adding depth to the Orangeworks brand, domestically and internationally.

Damian Killen, Managing Director at thrive and now Consultancy Services Director at Orangeworks, says:

“We have been collaborating with Orangeworks for many years and are very excited to bring about a more formal relationship through this acquisition, which allows us to grow the business that thrive has developed over the last 24 years and to offer our existing and new clients a broader range of services under the Orangeworks brand. We will be bringing with us our expertise in individual, team and management development, complimenting Orangeworks activity-based learnings with our training, consulting and coaching solutions.”

In 2019, Orangeworks delivered more than 500 teambuilding events for internationally renowned organisations, including Google, PWC, and Allergan. Orangeworks has held the exclusive license for Catalyst Global, the largest teambuilding network in the world, in Ireland since 2011, and the UK, including England, Wales and Northern Ireland since 2017.

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