Organising A Perfect Event

Everyone enjoys a well-organised event, but it’s not an easy task. The venue needs to be right, the itinerary planned correctly and even catering covered adequately. Organising a perfect event can seem overwhelming. With the right people and detailed preparation, it is possible to get that perfect event up and running. Following our few simple tips can help to make your event a success.

There are clear benefits to having a successful team and corporate events, but equally there can be severe negative effects when the event is poor: employee morale drops, affecting productivity and damaging talent retention. So how can you be sure that your event will boost morale and productivity, and even client satisfaction and investment?

 1. Define The Purpose

If you are clear on the purpose of your event, then you can focus your plan and get things right. Ask yourself some key questions, like:

  •     Is it a team building exercise?
  •     Is it to thank partners?
  •     Is it to entertain guests?


2. Don’t Fear Being Different

Don’t forget there is a whole range of event styles. Consider which matches best with your defined purpose. You don’t have to stick to set, traditional formats. Consider:

  •     The TED format
  •     A thematic brunch
  •     A PechaKucha night

3. Know Your Resources

Know the resources you have to hand and design a preparation framework accordingly. Consider aspects like:

  •     Timing and duration
  •     Responsibility distribution 
  •     What catering is needed


4. Always Have A Plan B

Unfortunately, the unexpected is always lurking. It’s important to have a contingency plan to fall back on, even if it means having an alternative venue ready.

  •     Check the location in person – at the start
  •     What about logistics, parking, equipment, facilities for the disabled?


5. Know Your Attendees

You won’t know every person attending, but attendee engagement is key. Include elements that bring people together, provide fun and break down barriers.

  •     Do you have games, team activities or video presentations during breaks?
  •     What about a fun photo corner?
  •     How will your team look?

Whether you are looking for a conference icebreaker, team development facilitation or fun team bonding games, Orangeworks has a range of activities that can help make your event memorable.