The Secret To Spotting Leadership Potential

The Secret To Spotting Leadership Potential? Team Work History

You want to recruit the best new graduates to boost your project teams. But there is no guarantee that the highest grade achievers from the best schools will deliver on their leadership potential. You need a stronger indicator to find the right people – their teamwork history.

The value of collaboration is well documented, with 86% of professionals believing a lack of collaboration causes workplace failures, and 67% of employees that colleagues help them perform better.

With collaboration and teamwork skills so clearly important, proven team players are hot recruitment property, and a few critical truths highlight why graduates are your best option.

  1. No Top Grad Is An Island

‘Top of the class graduates’ do not always translate to ‘top class recruits’. Only those who can work effectively with others offer the potential to deliver better results. According to former KPMG Executive Consultant Amit Banerji degrees ranked No. 8 on the international firm’s list of priorities; leadership qualities and teamwork figured higher.

  1. Project By Name, Teamwork By Nature

Team members need to know how to collaborate, how to communicate and how to encourage others. New graduates are already familiar with these skills because of modern education methods, which show an increasing commitment to collaborative methods, with students and teachers working together as peers.

  1. Leadership Springs From Teamwork

Leaders inspire others to work more effectively together, but to do so requires having experience working in teams in the first place. According to education experts, leadership skills cannot be learned from a book but are developed within team-building projects where the crucial characteristics found in true leaders are nurtured.

Attracting graduates experienced in working in teams benefits your organization. Through our range of customisable experiences, you can not only boost team performances but enhance young leaders too.

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