Top 5 Summer Office Party Ideas

Top 5 Summer Office Party Ideas


Summer is here and by now you may have already started thinking about team building activities for the summer office party. It’s been a long time since many of us have been together with our colleagues to let off some steam and reconnect post-pandemic. Typically, the office Christmas party is the most anticipated internal social event of the year, but who’s to say we can’t have a bit of fun this summer after the last two years we’ve had?!

Luckily for you, Orangeworks has come up with our top 5 summer office party ideas to suit all ways of working. Let’s dive in…

1. Organise a Corporate Sports Day

Corporate Sports Day event by Orangeworks.

Soak up that vitamin D and get energised by organising an office sports day for a bit of friendly competition. This event is one which will encourage teamwork, boost morale and is an excellent way to unify office staff, especially for any new employees! All you need is an outdoor space for your team and whatever you can find lying around the office or at home to make some obstacles. Old boxes, ropes, hoola-hoops, balls or just about any object can be used to create team challenges. If you want to do something a bit different, pass the reins to us and try our Corporate Sports Day event, where your team will go head-to-head at turf stacking, horseshoe throwing or tug-of-war. We will engage with all fitness levels and your team’s only requirement is to have fun! On your marks, get set…

2. Interactive Treasure Hunt

Orangeworks’ Go Team event combines the fun of a treasure hunt with collaboration and communication to build lasting connections at your office party. Through a series of GPS-triggered mini-quests your team will solve puzzles, collect clues and complete as many tasks as possible. The location is flexible so wherever you are, we’ll find a venue to suit you. Click here for more information on our Go Team Treasure Hunts

3. Painting Party

As weather isn’t always on our side, why not channel your inner Picasso and arrange an indoor painting party for your summer office event. A truly creative and team bonding activity, a paint party is simple to organise – all you need is canvasses, paint and brushes! Free-style your painting or decide on a theme for everyone to follow while enjoying some drinks and snacks. If you want to pull out all the stops, why not try Big Picture? Requiring collaboration and communication, delegates are divided into small groups, where each team paints an individual canvas which when put together reveals “The Big Picture”. The painted image can be of the companies’ values, brands or something that represents the team at hand and can be kept in your office as a constant reminder of what can be achieved through teamwork. Find out more about the Big Picture here.

4. Get Together to Give Back

Combining your office summer party with CSR is a great way to instill a sense of achievement and togetherness amongst the team. To give back at your summer party, consider Hole In One. Hole In One requires building a mini golf course out of canned and non-perishable food items. After a successful golf tournament, the food is donated to a local charity of your choice.

Delegates participating in Hole in One, a golf tournament CSR team building activity ran by Orangeworks.

5. Hit the Target!

For the more thrill-seeking team members, try your hand at a number of target based activities such as Axe Throwing, Archery or Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting (Target Zone). These activities are completely mobile and gives the group a chance to let loose and show off their more competitive side which isn’t always seen in the workplace! An incentive for the best aim is a great way to encourage the team to get stuck in.Now that we’ve given you the ideas, it’s time to get started and make this an event to remember. Get in touch with our sales team today to start creating your corporate event. Don’t forget, if you are still working from home, we have something for you!

Get cracking!