Welcome To The Future Of Team Building… Are You Ready To Take Part?

Welcome To The Future Of Team Building… Are You Ready To Take Part?

As 2018 comes to an end we begin to put strategies and plans into place for the new year. 2019 meeting and conference dates are being set, but do your team have an energising experience to pair with them?

Without an effective team building experience at your conference, you risk losing delegates attention and focus. You need something that works alongside your conference objectives and brings everyone together.

We’ve just launched our latest team building experience using VR technology it’s going to be a BIG deal in 2019…

The Infinite Loop is a virtual reality-based team activity that puts lean management into practice. This experience promotes problem-solving, strong communication skills, interactive learning and leadership development.

The night before your team meeting or conference, John from accounts bought a virtual reality headset from a suspicious company named “The Odyssey”. Whilst trying the new headset, he was suddenly absorbed into the virtual world and it’s down to you and your team to save him. Can your team help your colleague John escape the virtual world in the given time?

This is a powerful lean management business game, based on real-time collaboration and communication. The more precise the player in the virtual world is in describing the problem, the faster the teammates in the real world find the solution. The Infinite Loop is a versatile, and powerful tool for debriefing complex issues affecting modern businesses working with remote teams, employing agile methodologies.

Kick off 2019 with the future of team building by taking part in The Infinite Loop. To get more information on The Infinite Loop or to arrange a demo for your team, get in touch to discuss this experience some more.